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Tips On Reducing Data Usage On Android And iOS

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Reducing data usage may be problematic for you as it is a common issue that many mobile users face nowadays who don’t have a good unlimited phone plans Australia. That’s why everybody is asking how to manage my data usage. Follow below for that!

For Android Devices

  1. Limit Data Usage from Mobile Settings

This is the most reliable method of limiting your mobile usage. It is quite secure and original way of limiting the data you consume on the internet. Just go to the settings icon on your android phone; then you have to tap the “limit data usage” option and you are controlling your data effectively afterward.

  1. Stop Data Hungry Background Apps

It is a common mistake that we do not stop the apps that are running in the background of your android device. Just go to the settings and monitor the performance of the apps. Carefully stop the apps that you do not use frequently. You may start it after some time. It will reduce your data consumption effectively.

  1. Chrome Data Saver

It is highly likely that you are using Google Chrome as your internet browser. You can effectively reduce the data consumption by enabling the data saver app on your mobile phone. It will save the data up to a considerable extent. You can also check the reduced data consumption in a month or so.

  1. Apps That Reduce Data Usage

The following apps can reduce data usage

  • Opera Mini for Android
  • Opera Max for android

For iOS Devices

  1. iCloud Data Usage Option

There is a built-in feature in the iPhone operating system that lets you turn off the data usage via iCloud. Just open settings in an iPhone device and go to iCloud. You have to tap the iCloud icon twice, you will see an option “use cellular data”, just tap it in the off condition. You will automatically reduce your data consumption.

  1. Turn Off Automatic Downloads

Normally, the automatic updates in an iPhone are turned on by default. This consumes quite a lot of mobile data on your phone. Just go to the settings in your iPhone and tap App and the option of “iTunes Stores”, just turn off the automatic downloads. It will help you reduce the overall data consumption on your iPhone.

  1. Turn Off Auto-Play Videos

A lot of iPhone users do not care about the autoplay feature of social media apps in their phones. You might have liked or followed different social media pages that upload videos regularly. Believe it or not, it consumes a lot of mobile data, no matter you are interested in the videos or not. Disable the auto-play option in social media apps like Twitter, Facebook etc.

  1. App to Download

You can download My Data Manager from iPhone store and use it for managing your mobile data usage. It’s a very good and beneficial app.

So, that was the answer to your question, how to manage my data usage?

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