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4 Most Memorable Moments Of Tour de France

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There are many memorable moments of tour de France. However, some of the most remarkable events that are significantly recalled as always are as written below. (You can have fun like this with your Specialized mountain bikes Melbourne too.)

  1. The Comeback (1958)

It was a bitterly cold day with some showers around. The rain was adding to the difficulty of the bikers and the conditions were almost favorable for the Luxembourg rider. It was the final stage of Tour de France race in the Alps, Charly Gaul manipulated and accelerated in the difficult terrain of the initial mountain stage. Charly was about fifteen minutes behind Raphael Geminiani at that time. With an accelerated shoot, Charly almost succeeded to win the finishing spot but unfortunately lagged behind Geminiani for a mere 28 seconds. It was indeed a great race with a heavy heart for Charly. He was so close to winning line, yet lost to the fate.

  1. The Unfortunate Casualty (1967)

Mount Ventoux is considered as the most terrific phase of the Tour de France race. It is one of the most challenging climbs of all. It accounts for its steepness, extensively long length, and sheer bareness. In 1967, an enthusiastic cyclist, Tom Simpson met his ultimate creator at the hands of Mount Ventoux. He toppled near the mount’s summit and ultimately fell over with a fatal heart attack. It was so intense that he died at the spot. Investigations later revealed that he had alcohol and other medications in his bloodstream.  It added to the fear of mount Ventoux and ultimately forced the officials to include dope tests for future races.

  1. The Hot Weather Shortcut (2003)

It was a very hot weather back in the year 2003 when it was the interestingly amusing ninth stage of Tour de France. Joseba Beloki descended on a steep slope, skidded for a while and then went hard in the downward direction. Lance Armstrong immediately reacted and ultimately rode hard into the neighboring field and continued his journey. He successfully joined back his chasing group despite following a deep ditch in his way. His reflexes were way too worth-watching.

  1. The survivor (2009)

It was the year 2009 when a German bicycle rider, unfortunately, totaled his ride in an accident. The crash was very sad and impactful. However, Jens Voigt was forced to ultimately leave the sixteenth stage of Tour de France first climb. Jens didn’t lose his adamant instincts and surprisingly borrowed a little kid’s bike who was racing in the junior racers following tour de France. Jens almost rode about 20 Kilometers afterward with blood coming out of his torn jersey. After riding he found the bike left by his team and later finished the race with a staggering margin ahead of cutoff time. To his credit is finishing in the 125th place five days later in the Paris city. It was indeed a very memorable moment of tour de France race. It will be remembered in the history of this marvelous racing contest.

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