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Features to Consider of the Best Mobile Plans in Australia

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There was a time when the SIM-only market was very much competitive. You’ll find more than 30 different providers and carriers are fighting for their business. As a result, the big providers should offer some attractive deals to inspire their customer to sign up for long term plans. Because you’ll pay over $60 per month for a long term plan, you have to consider the best mobile plans in Australia. Also, you should seek whether there are bonuses and other special features to make your deal sweeter. As there are a lot of providers, it’s time to choose the provider who offers the best add-on features. Also, you must not look for just the cheapest prices; you should look for the offers that will give you the best return of your investment.

Well, let’s see what the features are to consider of the best mobile plans Australia.

Free Music

It’s one of the standard features of the most phone plans and most of the big providers allow streaming a lot of music. That means you’ll get an offer of streaming music without consuming your monthly mobile data. For example, Vodafone has offered the same feature to Spotify for its Red plan users. In the same way, Optus also did the same thing for their subscribers to avail music streaming of Spotify, Google Play Music, and iHeartRadio. Besides, there was an offer of free music streaming for a six-month for the new handset buyers to Apple Music.

Free Video

After the arrival of some video subscriptions on demand, like Netflix and Stan, the way of watching TV and movie is significantly changed. It was easy to record your favorite shows and watch your convenient time before a few years. But, now most of the big TV channels have their own catch-up service and offer their service to their mobile subscribers. For example, Vodafone sometimes comes with free subscriptions to Stan and Optus do the same for NetFlix. In addition to these, Telstra offers the live streaming of AFL and other Netball leagues for their postpaid plans.

Overseas Calls

It has been a regular offer of the most mobile carriers that you can use as much as you need local calls and text. But, some of them do the same for the overseas call to most of the country in the world. In this case, some of the SIM-only plans come with great overseas call packs. For example, Vodafone users usually get up to 1000 overseas call minutes to the selected countries. But, you have to pay the highest amount for overseas calling if you’re an Optus user. Also, the same thing happens for Telstra that they offer international call minutes with their expensive handset plans.

Other Considerable Features

It will make the sense that you can go through a month if you get a 20GB data with your cheap sim plans Australia. Also, you should consider the option of data rollover that comes handy when you have excess data after the month.


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