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Great Tips to Look Nice On Zoom & Other Video Conferencing

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We’re in the midst of a Zoom boom, in addition to (and as a result of) a global epidemic. Consider that Zoom, an online web conferencing service, has 10 million daily users as of December.

If you’re a veteran Zoomer, you may already know how to light your face correctly. Make your place appear cleaner than it is. And keep your cat from interrupting your meetings.

However, if you’re new to Zoom, there’s a lot to learn about Zooming appropriately. So, here are a few quick tips for improving the quality of your Zoom meetings. Therefore, before you look for web based video conferencing, let’s begin!

Get a Calm Space

You’ve downloaded Zoom and verified that your microphone and camera are operating correctly. So, you’ll want to configure your computer or laptop. As a result, anybody you’re Zooming with can hear you well.

This implies you’ll need to locate a quiet place to work. Set up in a bedroom, office, or another location that no one else in your house will be using or able to go by while you Zoom.

This is also a good idea to have a backup area if anything unexpected happens. These include dogs barking outside if you’re next to a window.

Utilize a Clean & Clear Backdrop

Once you’ve chosen a calm spot, you’ll need to select a suitable background. This is critical for Zooming. Behind you, ideally, you want something clean and transparent, like a white wall. The wall can have paintings, plants, or books on it.

But, it shouldn’t be too distracting—nothing too elaborate, brilliant, or colorful that draws attention away from you. You may be tempted to upload a personal photo. So, use it as your backdrop (which is possible with Zoom). Please resist.

Not Down, Look Up, Into the Camera

The location of your computer or laptop is just as crucial as your background. It’s best to position your camera at or just above eye level so you’re gazing slightly up and into it. One typical blunder is to angle the camera so that you’re gazing down.

Many new Zoom users sit at a desk with their laptops on top of it. This will compel the person or persons you’re meeting with to stare up at your chin, at best, and at worst, up to your nose.

So, when you Zoom, elevate your computer with big books (hardcover cookbooks or art books work nicely) or other heavy, solid objects (as short planks of wood).

This Is Okay To Get Close

Also, it goes hand in hand with the previous suggestion. You want to position yourself such that you’re only visible from the shoulders up. Think the upper third of your body at most. Ideally, you want your face to be the significant point of attention.

You want people to be able to see your eyes and facial emotions. This may be helping if you also observed the folks you’re meeting with facial expressions. These visual signals will better resemble in-person talks, resulting in more productive meetings.

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