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Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil – What’s The Difference?

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Many people believe CBD oil and hemp oil are the same thing. They are right to a great extent but there are some differences between the two. And it’s better to know the difference between the two before searching for where to buy CBD oil in Kansas.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

CBD oil is extracted from cannabis while hemp oil is prepared from hemp seeds. The cannabis is obtained from hemp plant.

The source of hemp oil is hemp seed while in case of CBD oil it is extracted from the hemp flowers and leaves, not the seeds. Cannabidiol is the main source of CBD oil that is prepared from the hemp plant. So basically, both the oils have the same origin, hemp plant, but the methods to extraction are different. Hemp seeds are cold pressed for hemp oil while CBD oil is produced from cannabis.

Cannabidiol has been found as an integral part of cannabis. Both of the oils are equally useful and have great health benefits. The growing use of hemp and CBD oil for health benefits as well as in medicines have made them quite popular. They are believed to be very safe options for a number of infections and diseases. Even treatment of cancer has become possible with CBD oil.

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Uses of Hemp and CBD Oils

With this difference, we are now going to discuss the further details and differences of the two. In this section we will also talk about their use.

Hemp Oil


Hemp oil is produced from the seeds to the hemp plant is cultivated on industrial and large scales. The process used to obtain hemp oil is also industrial and it has little amount of THC, the component that causes high feeling. Hemp oil is used in cooking and for other purposes. It offers an amazing taste in food. Many people replace olive oils with hemp oils for the same benefits.

When it comes to other uses of hemp oil, it is of great use in paints and plastic manufacturing. The paints that are made from hemp oil are eco-friendly and don’t have harmful effects. From industrial to manufacturing of different products to use in lotions, soaps, creams, balms and as a bio-fuel, hemp oil is wonderfully a great alternative. These uses prove this has a growing demand in the market.



We have learned that CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis that is actually a hemp plant. But these are leaves and not the seeds. But they contain high amount of CBD and low amount of THC. It should also be noted; CBD oil is also made from marijuana but that makes people high. CBD oil has a good number of uses in medical sciences as well as for patients.

When it comes to its uses, it helps against anxiety and stress. People also use CBD oil for making their skin glow and smooth. Studies have also found the benefits of CBD oil for chronic pains and headaches. Even a new study revealed the CBD oil can be a great option to treat cancer. However, more work is needed to figure out the exact method and details of how this can help against cancer.

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