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Some Cool Facts & Stats of SEO Will Make You Reeling

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Google manages billions of searches per day. It means that this amount of people searches for what they need and what you offer them. Do you know how to go before these people?

It’s not so easy without having a better knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or a “local SEO near me” professional. This is a vast thing along with lots of stuff in it including some facts and stats. So, this is crucial to understand the requirements of the search engines.

Also, you have to learn ways to fulfill their conditions. When you can do it, you’re all set to grow your web presence faster and effectively. This is why we’re here with some essential, cool facts and stats regarding SEO that will be very helpful for you.

So, take a look at these before you look for an “SEO agency near me”.

Google Looks for Unique Contents

You might have heard that copied contents can wreck the ranking of your website. So, this is very alarming that your written contents are close to being some copies and it’s hurting your site’s ranking.

Well, look at the given guidelines and read them carefully. You’ll find it has mentioned that copied and duplicate contents affect very negatively. Don’t forget one thing that unique content is going to get a better positive impact on the site.

It’s because this provides a higher value to users of the search engine user. Also, remember while using unique content, they impact positively on the visitors of your site. So, contents are not king until they’re unique.

Google Is Thinking About the Algorithm of No Backlink

While things are changing in the sphere of digital marketing, Google is thinking about to opt the way to the algorithm of no backlink. It may shake up many things terribly.

It’s not to get on with it even out to the community any time while it has run their internal experiments by Google. These trends of digital marketing are you need to take care of the next years if you’re in search of things that are happening right now.

Rich Snippet Is Not the Ranking Factor Anymore

Yes, it’s true and you’ll find it on Google’s guidelines. So, it might not be shocking if you see your rich snippets are not any more deciding factor when it comes to the ranking of your site.

This is why calm down yourself and tell that rich snippets have no more use in the ranking of your website. So, it may be on the other pages like 2nd or 3rd and beyond while the content can play a role with the great snippets. This is a good fact and you can avoid it to save some time.

Bottom Line

As we know that Google is the largest search engine among others in terms of daily searches. With the highest searches over 75% of the entire web traffic, Google is the king on other search engines.

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