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Some Inspiring Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Websites

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You might never have concerned the number of clients is using the Magento website through mobile devices. Indeed, Cyber Monday reported that more than 54% of visitors are coming from some types of mobile devices and make their purchase up to 33%.

It was $9.2B of online revenue last year. This is why it’s optimum to enhance the shopping experience through mobile and smart devices for your Magento Stores. We’re going to talk about some Progressive Web Apps (PWA) websites.

They’ll help you to get the inspiration to do your website in that way. So, you may need to hire some Magento development Sydney experts or Magento specialists to implement it. Well, let’s know about the inspiring PWA websites.

Twitter Lite

One of the highly popular and famous social media platforms is Twitter. They have more than 328M active users all around the world who make, read, and share their information on it. The notable thing is that among the users, above 80% is using mobile devices.

Also, Twitter is always revamping to offer a more liable, faster, and engaging experience to their users. So, the Twitter Lite PWA has introduced with the combination of the modern native and web features.  Since 2017, it has opened for global use.

The amount of users proves that this platform is highly effective and delivers better user experience. It’s because they have clear goals for loading the site instantly, engaging the users, and consumption of a lower amount of data.


This is a travel-based website that has millions of visitors per month from all corners of the globe. Wego visitors travel for family, adventure, work, and some other purposes.

Also, it’s working regularly to provide great users’ experience when it comes to booking and planning their flights, trips, and hotels as soon as possible. And last year, Wego found a new way to make the optimum website for the greatest users’ experience as a travel company.

This is why the company has gone through the WPA to build a successful mobile-based web page. It’ll help you to get the inspiration to do your website in that way.


It’s a Japan-based most authoritative media company. They have a 140-year long history of newspaper publishing. Apart from printing newspapers, they have above 450M monthly visitors to their website.

A few years ago, the company was a fast rise in their mobile traffic to the website when smartphones become the simple usable thing to most people of the world to use the internet.

These days, the website of Nikkei takes just 20 or fewer seconds to upload on the users’ browsers. The company has chosen to launch a PWA in 2017 to offer an improved user experience along with developing its web-based business.

Bottom Line

Like the above-said companies and their websites, lots of sites are out there have made of Magento along with PWA. These include Mynet, OLX, and Weather Channel. They’re a few to name at this moment, but the list is very large to describe.

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