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Top 4 Conveyor Manufacturers in and Near Melbourne

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A conveyor system is an equipment that moves materials from one place to another. It comes in handy when you need to move something heavy. Conveyors allow quick and efficient transportation of bulky objects that otherwise cannot be moved easily. Mostly used in the packaging industry, we can see conveyors being used in other industries as well. For example, airport lounges, supermarkets, etc. Melbourne is a place that has quite a good number of conveyor manufacturers. Out of them, we found these 4 to be the best conveyor Melbourne manufacturers.


Robotunits manufactures of Modular Automation System for production equipment and their products are sold worldwide. Their products include Conveyor and Linear Motion Technology, Material Handling and Safety Fence systems, etc. Their product design follows the Lean Manufacturing concept which makes their products superior to their competitors. The conveyors they manufacture include Just-in-Time conveyors, belt conveyors, modular belt conveyors, timing belt conveyors, powered roller conveyors, etc.

Adept Conveyor Technologies

Mostly serving in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, Adept Conveyor Technologies is a local conveyor manufacturer and they are originally based in Sydney. They are a reliable manufacturer of specialized conveyor equipment and conveyor systems. They have decades of experience and with the latest materials and technology, they provide excellent performance at a good price. Every conveyor made by them is fully assembled and tested twice. Their conveyor products include belt, roller, skate wheel, chain, slat, scissor lift, etc.

Complete Rubber Pty Ltd

Complete Rubber started their business in 1988 and since then they have been one of the most trusted manufacturers of conveyor technologies. Throughout the years they have enjoyed steady growth all thanks to their dedication to making quality products. In addition to manufacturing conveyor belts, they also manufacture an extensive range of products that include chair tips, extrusions, gaskets, hoses, moldings, pipes, plugs, rollers, seals, washers, etc.

Industrial Conveying (AUS) Pty Ltd

Industrial Conveying started their journey in 1979 and over the years they have built a legacy of manufacturing quality products. Their senior managers have a huge combined experience and their expertise is what makes Industrial Conveying build good quality products. Not only Melbourne’s Industrial Conveying is Australia one of the most innovative materials handling specialists.

They make supreme quality conveyors with the intention to move raw materials, processed and finished goods from processing facilities, around the production line and factory to the final destination. They provide solutions for a lot of different products namely dairy, air catering, meat processing, transport, turnkey, recycling, etc. Their product line is big, too, which includes a relocatable acoustic enclosure, belt conveyors, pallet conveyors, roller conveyors, dock landing, etc.


When buying conveyors, you should look for the product quality first before you see the price because conveyors hold a lot of weight and you need supreme quality conveyors if you want safe delivery and movement of your products. Conveyor Melbourne manufacturers name we mentioned here offer that kind of good quality of their products and they charge reasonably.

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