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Why All Surgeons Need Backup of Their Patient Image

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Technology is not 100% perfect that means it’s fallible. And it’s very real when it comes to the medical industry. Also, surgeons know it and should avoid going in the blind while doing surgery. But, it’s not possible to pressure when their local PACS can be crashed.

Also, anytime it may become an issue of internet service and electric power supply. If it happens when you’re at surgical procedure without physically reports present, you could be a tech victim. So, you never should get the catch without making a proper roadmap to surgery.

It’s never somewhat worth get forward to while speaking about surgeries if you get caught off. If you don’t have PACS cloud storage and its backup than at least you must have physical films to reduce the risk.

But, it’ll not be the right way to display the images that your device does. Well, let’s know some other reasons why you should use cloud backup as a surgeon.

Don’t Depend On Local

It’s dangerous to depend on online PACS software and your preferred desktop viewer. When you’re in use of any of these methods to use your patients’ images, you should think once again. It goes the viewer you’re your desktop if your system crashes.

Likewise, you’ll not be capable of using the PACS if the Cloud goes under repairs or your internet goes down. What you can do is stay away from the local storage when it’s time to set up a backup strategy. If the could vendor is good enough, they’ll tell you to make sure your patient’s images secure.

Also, they’ll inform you previously when they’ll shut down their server for maintenance. The analogy servers are a good and valid point when RAID and data centers are unable to meet your needs. If you get this instance from your vendor, you can consider taking that as a practice.

Backup Is Less Confusing

But, we recommend something that’s not as confusing as RAID is. We advise you to use a patient portal, which is well equipped and serves as a backup when you need it. For example, PiX is a great patient portal that has made with some surgeons along with other medical experts.

Ensuring medical images is right away accessible anywhere and anytime without wi-fi is one of the many functions. It’s true and a bit different from the cloud PACS solution.

It allows you easy sharing, access, and mobility of your medical images constantly from anyplace. It requires just access to reliable internet. This is why PiX is a bit different than other storage systems.

Backup of Images for Surgery

Here is how PiX works. You may need to share or upload your patients’ images through it. Also, you should need to do with your staff. Either way, records of the patient will get compiled in a single location.

Also, you’ll get the compilation with a single and common identification number. You can view them at any time and anywhere when you keep the images are in PiX.


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