Suppose a snowboard fan wants to try your hand (or feet, let us say!) in several tricks after mastering the basics. An Ollie is the most fundamental task on a snowboard. So, you may start learning the ideal spot for it.

Many more complex tricks are made from the Ollie. Therefore you should have a flawless Ollie in your sack. Note – You should look for expert snowboard coaching if you are hesitant. So, before you look for women’s snowboarding gear, let’s know the tips.

Choose a Good Location

An Ollie is a move that needs a little tilt. So, you need to ensure that you have located a nice slope to try it out. You want a reasonable inclination (satisfactory to accelerate up).

But, you want to be sure that the way to the bottom of the track likewise is straightforward and clean. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself or others. When learning techniques, avoid any place too crowded. Besides, you should use snowboard boots and bindings properly.

Get Ready For the Jump

You will want to prepare for your leap after you go at a comfortable speed down the pitch. For an Ollie, you’re going to want to ensure your position is steady and good. But behind your front, your rear foot is similarly square. You are therefore moving directly down the slope.

Bend & Crouch

The first thing you want to do as you prepare to perform the Ollie leap is to make a little curve and bend in your body. Not too far (you do not wish to tumble or lose balance), but it is vital that you can gather enough power on the way to pull the board with you.

Shift the Weight

Recall, during the Ollie, it’s your front foot’s responsibility. Then your body weight is shifted to the rear of your leg. It’s your rear leg that pushes more when you make your jump – so that as much as you can weigh, more force you can dispense back there, later.


It’s time to jump right now. Use as much strength and strength as your rear leg can drive up your board. You will initially emerge out of the earth and utilize your arms to offer more strength and height to yourself. A useful technique to remember is that you seem to have a higher height when you pull your knees to the chest when jumping.

The Bottom Line

Try to redistribute your weight as fast as you can to the center of the table when you land your jump. This helps prevent balance or destruction. Remember that it is preferable to keep as calm as possible during falling (if you fall).

Keeping your body calm helps you to fight terrible injury and also helps you get up more quickly. Many more moves are also made from the Ollie, more sophisticated. So, in your trick bag, it’s worth having a flawless Ollie. Note – You should look for expert snowboard coaching if you are hesitant.


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