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Stretch Pizza Dough: Know the Professional Way

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Do you ever have a stand-in wonder as a pizza maker stretched, pulled, and even tossed the dough in the air to begin the process of constructing the perfect pizza? Tossing pizza dough is not only entertaining. But it is also an excellent method for achieving the perfect crust.

When an expert executes it, it appears simple. It’s because they throw and swirl the dough high in the air before securely catching it in their hands. This may appear to be so simple that it entices you to give it a shot.

Until you do, you have a sticky mess on the counter or, worse, the floor. Therefore, before you look for the answer to the question: who has calzones near me, let’s start!

Make the Dough Warm

Because cold dough does not stretch properly, the first step is to get it to room temperature. When the dough gets cold, the protein has called gluten. It makes the dough chewy, becomes tighter.

If the dough is not sufficiently warmed, it will snap back like a rubber band when stretched. Allowing the dough to come to room temperature softens it and makes it simpler to deal with.

Get Ready the Workspace

Make sure you have all the ingredients for making pizza. If you need to buy anything you can buy them from online. For an example, you can search for “where can I get calzones near me? in order to get calzone nearest your location. Then make the pizza dough. When the pizza dough has relaxed and is ready, you may begin stretching it. Skimping on the flour is critical in this phase. If you use too much flour, the pizza dough will be stiff. And, while you want the dough to be chewy, you don’t want it to be complicated.

Instead, massage 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil onto your hands and the work surface. This prevents the dough from sticking and turns the crust golden and crispy.

Make the Dough for Stretching

Take a deep breath. Before stretching your pizza dough, flatten it into a disc. With the palm of your hand, flatten the dough into a disc. Then, push the dough outward from the center with the middle three fingers of each hand.

The disc should expand into a big circle about 6 inches across and 12 inches thick. Don’t get too caught up in shape. It’s not a huge thing if it’s not a perfect circle. This is more crucial than the dough is soft and flexible. And it does not shrink when pressed.

Your Friend Is Gravity

You are now prepared to expand the dough. Take up the dough with care and lay it over the back of your palms. Make sure your hands are close together and that your knuckles have bent in and facing down. This prevents your fingertips from making holes in the dough.

One edge of the dough should be in your hands, and the remainder should hang down. Allow gravity to perform part of the job by gently rotating the dough in one direction.

Slowly drag the dough from one hand to the other while it hangs down, moving it in one direction. Stretch the dough to about 8 inches in diameter using only your hands. When you reach 8 inches, you’re ready to toss.

Start Spinning

To spin a pizza successfully, considerable nuanced handwork has required, which may take some practice. Pushing upwards circularly twisting your hands is the secret to a great toss.

Isn’t it simple? Pushing forward is the easy part. The rotation of the dough is the most challenging component. It may take some practice to get this just perfect.


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