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5 Things to Know About Commercial Painting

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1. Types of Commercial Painting Properties

Commercial painting cannot be done by a group of friends; it needs to be handled by the professional hands from commercial industrial painting services. There are several properties that require commercial painters for the project such as;

  • Restaurants, cafes or coffee shops
  • Offices
  • An apartment or a condo
  • Hotels
  • Educational Institutes
  • Malls or retail shops
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Banks

Apart from these, some government-owned or industrial properties can also be added into the list of commercial properties.

2. Types of Commercial Painting

Hiring painters from commercial industrial painting services could be the best possible investment of all time because you save a lot of your time and money and you don’t also have to sacrifice on the standard of quality. There are two chief types of commercial painting including;

Interior – Interior painting refers to the painting done in the inside of the property which requires the cleanup and covering of everything inside the property. Commercial painters do this job very well in lesser time as compared to the painting done by yourself. This is because they know all the tips and tricks of the work that make them stand out in their profession.

Exterior – As known by the name, it is the painting done on the outer walls of the property. It is important to hire pros for this work because they have a great knowledge of what kind of paints to be used on different types of materials.

3. Commercial Painting Means Larger Projects

 When big properties like schools, business companies, restaurants or apartments require painting, it is referred to as commercial painting. Many commercial industrial painting services deal with such organizations and work on larger projects. The commercial painters as well are much more experienced, skilled and professional than the residential painters who are not much aware of larger projects like commercial painting. Residential painters work on a smaller scale like house painting, wood or side painting. It is however very clear that for commercial projects, pros from interior design and renovation company are the best choice.

4. Why Hiring Commercial Painters Is Important?

Commercial painting is quite a large scale project that cannot be handled without the help of professionals. The reason is that the commercial painters are extremely efficient in their occupation and knows every single detail that needs to be taken care of while painting. Moreover, it saves your time as they have faster hands and cover up the project in lesser duration. It’s not only about time though, but you can also save a good amount of money. Wondering how? Well, commercial painters know from how and where to buy paints in bulk quantity and in discounted or lesser price hence, trimming the cost ultimately.

5. Commercial Painting vs Residential Painting

Many people get confused in both the types. Though, these are pretty simple to understand.

Commercial painting – It includes the aforementioned commercial properties and can only be done by the expert hands.

Residential painting – It means smaller properties such as a single house or only a room, side painting, etc. You can, however, do the residential painting on your own as well on a DIY basis.


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