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5 Different Pizzas Around The World That You Should Try Once

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Pizza is a wholesome food that everyone loves. People enjoy eating pizza in almost every country of the world. The pizza industry is a deep ocean for everyone and me too. There are many types of pizzas around the world that we don’t know of. But we can learn about the best pizza from each part of the world to gather a little knowledge about this pizza ocean.

However ill discuss some pizzas in different parts of the world I enjoyed, which I think you should know. You might want to order pizza delivery near me to fill your thirst for these pizzas. Because these pizzas According to me are the best ones of that region.

#1. Pizza Margherita: Italy

pizza Margherita is called the queen of all pizzas. This is a traditional Italian pizza made in Italian pizzerias. It is the most popular among the locals too.

However, a variety of pizza Margherita is found in other parts of the world, too, as Italian pizzeria has expanded in other countries.

#2. New York Sicilian Pizza

Sicilian pizza is an Italian variation of pizza with a thick crust and mozzarella cheese on top. However new york pizzeria has modified it, and guess what, they made it more delicious.

They kept the thick crust but loaded the top with mozzarella cheese and sauce. Sometimes they put sliced mozzarella cheese under the crust, which is called upside-down Sicilian pizza. This is one of the most favorite pizzas of the new yorkers; if you have the chance, try it. You can order pizza delivery near me by online.

#3. New England Greek Style Pizza

From the name, you can sense it’s a mixture of English and Greek pizza. It aits between a deep-dish pizza and a very thin pizza. If you’re living in new England and crave to eat a greek style pizza, then order one right now.

The toppings incorporate bountiful sums of wealthy, cooked tomato sauce spiked with oregano. Unlike other tomato sauces, the one utilized for Greek pies employs the tart, concentrated flavor of tomato rather than tomato sauce.

#4. French Tarte Flambee

it is a french pizza that originated in France. Unlike Italian and American pizza, it has a soft crust, but it has caramelized onion, which differs from other regular pizzas.

They are both delicate and smooth with a sensitive, sweet cheddar flavor. If you are roaming around the streets of Paris, then try to find a local pizzeria and ask for this. The taste will be stuck within your tongue.

#5. Asian Pizza

you cannot call it a pizza at first glance. It is based on a plate of chopped cabbage cooked in a pot like a flapjack. This is a unique pizza where toppings can be anything from eggs to vegetables.

There are also Korean pizzas which are popular too. Though you can find Neapolitan in Korean cities, Korean people prefer pizza with local ingredients as toppings.

Final Words

These are just some of the pizzas that are found around the world. Inexact there are thousands of pizza varieties around the world. Let’s taste at least the best ones.

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