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5 Misconceptions About Managed IT Services

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Many companies and organizations face challenges every day. Be it IT Monitoring services, IT management, and maintenance. With challenges comes a lot of challenges and misconceptions about IT services. But with the advancement of technology, it is easy to solve the problems of IT services. However, to understand the full approach, you should know these misconceptions, which can also lead to misinformation.

1. IT Services Need Someone to Monitor

Proactive managed IT services providers use proven policies, procedures, and tools to manage the networks. So, they don’t need someone onsite all the time. Most IT solutions can resolve almost all the tech problems remotely with no onsite assistance. If you happen to experience downtime, such as hardware failure, you can still access onsite support services.

2. Their Infrastructure Is Complex

Typically, complex IT infrastructure is not required for medium to small businesses, but large companies with several locations and a lot of employees required a large and complex IT infrastructure. You would need more than managed IT services. The core technology is a thing that exists today. It is a technology that is used by many organizations, such as multinational companies is similar to managed IT services plus it has more features, for instance, it offers you a stable network, reliable devices, and security.

3. The IT Infrastructure Can Lose Control

The client’s network and the managed IT services provider is strictly proactive in IT management. It is typical for the IT provider to hold the administrator password because most of them are financially insured to protect and manage. If you want no longer want to use a managed IT services provider, they have something called an off boarding list that will allow them to hand over the network with almost no downtime and with full security.

4. The Technical Support Is Cheaper

A right level 2 technical support professional will cost you more than a couple of thousand bucks. So, it’s not less expensive. You must also include all the other costs like employment insurance premiums, etc. With well managed IT service professionals, you get the entire team of Level 1 technical support to level 3 technical support professionals. No insurance premiums, no vacations, sick days, etc. You always get up to date IT professional teams.

5. You Don’t Need Professional Help

If you are asking why you need another current IT infrastructure, then you should ask yourself questions. Do you feel exposed to security threats like Ransomware, Malware, etc.? In case you do or don’t, you need to talk to a managed IT service provider. No, you don’t need a new service provider because speaking to your existing provider can help you run the background checks and all. Managed IT services providers will make a tremendous impact on any company or organization, making it less chaotic and threats free.


These are some misconceptions a company can have regarding their IT services for healthcare equipment monitoring or any other industry. If you have any questions or doubts, then talk to the provider for closures. Don’t just follow the misconceptions blindly. I hope you found the article helpful.


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