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How to Choose Bike for Your Child?

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This guide will help you choose the right bike for your child.

1. Age of the Child

Before you go to the market to buy a bike for your child, you should do some homework to buy cheap bikes and the right bike. It includes the age of the kid, his height, and weight and body shape. Age and height are two important factors because bikes for kids are designed and built considering their age and height. Check some online guides that will help you understand the right side of the bike according to the age of your child.

2. Size of the Bike


As we have stated earlier that the size of the bike depends on the age and height of your child. Bikes are designed in a way that they can fit for different children. A child of 2-3 years of age needs a different bike than a child of 5-6 years of age. So compare the charts and sizes of the bikes with your kid’s age and height in order to choose the right bike.

3. Weight of the Bike

There are three basic categories of the bike on the basis of their weight. These are as follows:

  • Bikes with 32% of a child’s weight are considered good weight bikes.
  • Bikes with 60% of a child’s weight are considered heavyweight bikes.
  • And bikes with 70% or over of a child’s weight are too heavy bikes.

These three categories with respect to weight will help you decide which bike your child needs. The first option is really safe because it will be easy for the child to handle and control it. Heavy bikes come with extra features and supports that are sometimes unnecessary for a child.

4. Frame and Handlebar

These two factors are also important. Some people buy bikes for their kids with short frames and thus the kids find it extremely uncomfortable to adjust their legs and body. The frame of the bike should not be too short or too lengthy for a kid to adjust on the seat.

When it comes to the handlebar of a bike, there are types; low-rise bars, mid-rise bars, and high-rise bars. The low and high rise bars are often hard to manage while the mid-rise bar is considered perfect for a child because it offers maximum support and control over the bike.

5. Brakes of the Bike


Brakes let the rider control the bike and reduce its speed when needed. Kids’ bikes should have an easy to follow brake system. There are coaster brakes, hand brakes, and specialty brakes. Every type has a good use but according to the experts, the hand brakes are comfortable for kids.

6. Types of Kids’ Bikes


Then comes the types of bikes you should choose for your kid. We know you want to buy cheap bikes from bicycles for sale Sydney but there are many types of bikes to take into consideration. This is up to the parents or the seller to guide the parents regarding what type of bike will be the best for their kid. You should also do some research about the best brands for kids’ bikes in order to get your kid a perfect bike.


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