What is causing insomnia in your life? The major reason for your insomnia can be your bedroom. It plays a major role in your sleep pattern, as it is the room where you shut down your system and sleep soundlessly. There are many people who believe that the decoration and layout of your bedroom can help you sleep well. Let’s see how can you make your bedroom sleep-friendly with these simple tips and hacks.

1. Change Your Mattress


The first and foremost tip is to change your mattress. Yes, you heard it right. But how to can you choose a new one that’s perfect? Selecting a mattress can be challenging, make sure you select one that comes with a guarantee so that you can get it replaced. You need to test the mattress out to know if it suits you. The only way to select a mattress is to sleep on it. 30 days will be enough to know if it suits you or not. If you wake up with an aching body then it’s certainly not for you. To remove the old mattress, you can use Austin trash removal services.

2. Right Bedding


The right bedding is also a very important part that contributes to your peaceful sleep. Go for soft and soothing material for your sheets. Try choosing subtle colors that are easy on eyes. Select your pillows carefully as well, if you need a cozy bed then go for a lot of pillows but if you are a clutter-free person, then go for basic ones only. The main pillow that you sleep on should be able to support your neck perfectly.

There is also a factor of clutter. Declutter frequently to feel relaxed and have a good night sleep. You can take help from Austins rubbish removal services to get rid of junk.

3. Good Smell


Soothing scents and oils are one more thing that can help you sleep better. Lavender is known to help people sleep better. Squirting a bit of lavender scent on your bedding and pillows can help relax your muscles. You can also light a burner with lavender essential oil or have a small indoor lavender plant to help you sleep better.

4. Taking a Bath


Taking a bath before bed lowers your body temperatures indicating your body that it’s time to sleep. Taking a bath also relaxes the mind and body which helps in dozing off to a peaceful sleep.

5. Full Darkness or Semi Darkness Can Help as Well


A full moon and street lamps can wake you up if your eyelids flutter. To avoid that make sure you have a set of heavy drapes and that they are tightly shut before you head off to sleep.

6. There Should Be Disturbance


Getting rid of all disturbances should be your priority as well to get a full night’s sleep. Things that hum should be avoided, fans should not make noises and if you have a snoring partner get that matter solved as well. Also, your phone should be on silent and away from your body to help you sleep undisturbed.

7. Night Lights


Night lights are also a huge factor that disrupts your sleep without you being aware of it. The brain detects a small light and signals you to wake up. So, before you sleep, make sure that there is no light in form of a digital clock, or the tv sensor or your phone’s notification light. Better yet make your clock face the wall and put your phone face down.


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