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5 Things Businesses Should Not Forget When Launching Website

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I admit that launching a new website is not selling like a hot cake. Even if you have an older version of a website to present your business online 98 can be a stressful task launch a new website. Keep on running to stay assured that you are not forgetting key things when launching your brand-new website.

1. Security and Privacy Check


This area is often overlooked as most businesses focus on keywords, graphics etc. However, it is essential to protect your website, especially when you have planned to get identifiable information from your valuable clients. Creative website development Sydney services can help you encrypt your data to create a secure connection between your website and your clients.

As web development agencies understand how crucial it is to protect customer data, they usually include a privacy policy on the website. So, a comprehensive privacy policy is essential to have if you are getting identifiable information from the users.

2. Mention Your Location


Are you a business having a physical location? Do mention the physical location of your business in an optimized way so that search engines can search your location. In this way, you can appear in the searches of those people or businesses searching for a service or a product which is near to their physical location.

For instance, a person can search for ‘a gas station near me’ or a business can search for ‘a product or service near them.’ Nowadays, you do not need to use the keyword ‘near me’ as search engines are more proactive and show results that are closer in terms of the physical location. So, do mention your physical location to appear more in searches.

3. Do Provide Social Links

Let us engage with customers and visitors alike. The first-time visitors may become your potential customers when you engage them with you. Visitors may come to visit your website for only once, but if you showcase easy to find links of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc., then there are more chances that you can showcase your products or services a number of times.

4. Double Check the Links

It is good to add social media links to the social media profiles; however, if the links are broken, you are giving a bad impression. Not only the links to social websites, always double check every kind of links that you have provided on your website before launching it.

5. Load Time


I know this is the high time to play with the graphics and using too many photos to make your website more attractive; however, having a lot of photos on a single web page can irritate your visitor load the webpage. It is definitely going to kill the chances that your visitor would stay on the page. It also hampers the ranking as search engines will not rank a slow website on the top when there are other websites that load quickly. To test the page loading speed use different speed test so that you don’t need to lag behind the websites which run quickly. Creative web design New York services can help you in this regard.

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