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What Are the Advantages of Having an ATM at Your Business?

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If you don’t have an ATM in your restaurant, bar, retail store, motel, or petrol station, you’re losing easy money and other advantages. It’s simpler to own and operate an ATM machine than running a merchant account (for debit and credit card processing). It’s also less complex than running a photocopier or cash register.

There are many ATM transaction processing services out there that can handle it for you. You just have to invest your money. However, before contacting them, know the benefits of owning an ATM.

#1. The Second Stream of Income

A savvy company owner is constantly searching for new methods to boost earnings while improving customer service. Investing in an ATM provides you with an extra revenue stream while providing service and value to your consumers.

#2. Increased Traffic & Revenue

The presence of an ATM in your company or shop will draw more customers in. Customers who have cash on hand tend to spend more, and research has shown that they will likely spend part of the money they withdraw from your business’s ATM.

Consumers are relying on cash much more than credit in the wake of the recent credit crisis. Giving them cash can only benefit your bottom line. Install an ATM, and you’ll see an increase in traffic, sales, and income like you’ve never seen before.

#3. Increase in Sales & Profits.

According to retail research, having an ATM at your company site may boost footfall or traffic into your establishment. Even more significantly for you, studies have shown that having an ATM may boost sales at your company by up to 50% of the amount taken from the ATM. Imagine increasing your in-store sales by that much! Increased sales equal higher earnings.

#4. Make More Money

Let’s face it: you pay your credit card processor a lot of money. While this is an unavoidable expense of conducting business, the ease that debit and credit card payments provide to your consumers means that lowering your processing costs allows you to retain more money in your pocket.

Having an ATM will take care of it. According to studies, customers at the best ATM processing companies with an ATM on-site are more likely to pay for their goods with cash. They pay in cash, and you don’t have to pay any processing costs — it’s a win-win situation.

Why Install an ATM Machine in My Store?

Basically, this is why you should install an ATM in your store:

  • ATMs can help your company grow in terms of revenue and consumers. Customers who run out of cash won’t have to leave your establishment to locate an ATM.
  • Many consumers prefer to pay in cash rather than using a credit or debit card to make transactions. Businesses with on-site ATMs have an advantage over their competitors because they provide consumers with immediate access to cash.
  • An ATM machine allows company owners to generate additional income. You set the use costs as the machine’s owner, and the money flows straight back into your company.

If you’re wondering why you should acquire an ATM machine for your business, these are the best and most appropriate replies.

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