If you have a probate house and are wondering, “Can I sell a house in probate Dallas TX?” the answer is, yes. You can. Quite easily, too. There are companies that are actively looking to buy probate houses. Probate houses are usually ragged looking and this is why the owner of probate houses wonder, can I sell a house in probate Dallas TX? But those companies offer a very suitable solution to this problem. They not only buy them quickly, but they also buy them with instant cash. Some even buy them as they are. In this article, we will tell you about the best companies in Dallas who buy probate houses.

SLV Homes

SLV is based in Fort Worth, Dallas and operates in most parts of the city. This is a family business run by a man and his wife and their team. They are reliable, honest and trustworthy. They strive to offer the best deal on houses by cutting the middlemen. They don’t outsource the house repair so the sellers get top dollar. They buy houses as-is, and they also buy probate houses. They buy foreclosures, too. They promise to close the whole deal in a matter of a week.

DeWitt & DeWitt

They know that selling a house is a big decision since it’s the most precious physical asset and this is why they always strive to offer creative solutions for people who are trying to sell. If you have any reason to sell your house, for instance, the house needs repair, it has damage, you’re facing foreclosure, probate, problem paying mortgage, or just relocating to any other place, they will buy the house. No fees, commission, or any obligation on the seller’s part. Their process is quick, convenient, and fair.

New beginnings

New beginnings was founded on focusing on helping people by giving them a quick sale of their houses. They try to put people over profit and they operate with integrity and transparency. They buy houses just the way they are, no matter how bad they look. They are not real estate agents; they are a family-owned business. They will not list your house on a website, they will just buy them with cash without involving a real estate agent.

Elvis Buys Houses

Based in Grapevine, Texas, Elvis Buys Houses is a real estate company which also a family-owned business. They buy houses from people who are in big need to sell them for different reasons. They have streamlined the selling house process and can give a fair offer in a matter of a day and close the whole deal in as many as 5 days! Their team is assembled out of real estate professionals who understand the business well, which is why they can offer such great deals in so less time and they can help the sellers in every step of the process.


Selling houses for instant cash is a quick and convenient process that saves a lot of time and as the buyers take care of the process, the sellers don’t have to go through the trouble of doing all the legwork to see “my house sold easy Fort Worth”.


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