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All about GE’s Ultrasound Technology

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GE or General Electric is one of the leading bulk and portable ultrasound manufacturers in the world. Along with Fuji, Philips, Siemens, Hitachi, etc. they have the most market share. They run the market and its trends. GE Healthcare ultrasound system is designed to provide the best patient care. Today we talk about GE Healthcare’s ultrasound technology, what kind of products it has and their use.

LOGIQ General Imaging

GE’s LOGIQ series has ultrasound machines that offer radiology, vascular, breast, cardiac, OB/GYN applications for patients. For instance, LOGIQ E10 has advanced tools and AI algorithms to ensure the best patient care. It can automatically provide an AI-based quantitative risk assessment for breast cancer. The LOGIQ P9 is designed for the clinical and workflow demands of general imaging. It’s a budget-friendly ultrasound machine that delivers excellent image quality from triage to comprehensive exams.

Vivid Cardiovascular

GE Healthcare’s Vivid series has ultrasound machines that range from lightweight compact systems for any clinical environment to leading-edge 4D technology that can be incorporated into the patient’s daily routine. For instance, Vivid E95 is a premium 4D cardiovascular ultrasound system that can do 4D navigation, 4D quantification, 4D color acquisition, Bi or TriPlan imaging, etc. It is compatible with the DICOM system. The Vivid S70N is a portable but robust cardiovascular ultrasound system that is designed for reliability and ease of use. It can be adjusted for the control panel and be monitored for comfort and convenience.

Point of Care Ultrasound

A point of care ultrasound basically means getting portable ultrasonography done at a patient’s bedside. GE has developed lots of such ultrasound machines that deliver the best imaging. Venus Go, a portable ultrasound machine, offers a simple assessment and delivers effective care. It features a design that is uniquely adaptable that can go from cart to table to wall.

GE’s Vscan series offers portable handheld ultrasound devices. Vscan Extend is a pocket-sized, handheld ultrasound machine that can do a lot of ultrasound imagine. It has two transducers in one probe, an interface that feels like a smartphone and it can make decisions at the point of care. There are lots of Vscan apps with which you can do lots of different ultrasound work. For example, measure the bladder volume, support lung assessment, and documentation, supervise lung protocol, etc.


GE strives to offer good quality and affordable care for urology patients. Their ultrasound machines that work for urology patients offer affordable systems that include portability and ease of use, probes designed for patient comfort, advanced imaging technology for bladder, kidney, prostate, testicles, etc. Their Versana Premier ultrasound system is developed to help patients deliver high-quality urological care by means of quick and comfortable exams, and the doctors to see clearly and confidently diagnose their patients. This machine has features like Whizz image tuning, scan assistant, voice comments, Whizz bladder, etc.


Being one of the best bulky or portable ultrasound medical devices inc in the world comes with a lot of work and dedication to bring the best product in the market. GE always tries to keep its position with the help of extraordinary technology.

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