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Men’s Fashion Guide: Shoe Color Combination

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Most often, people look at your shoes just after seeing your face. Your whole ensemble must compliment your footwear. However, you must remember that the color shade must match the rest of the outfit or seem sloppy. Neutral colors are ideal for those who must wake up early and go to work.

If you have a lot of clothing choices, you’ll need additional footwear options. You’ll need a pair of black shoes, as well as a pair of tan-coloured shoes, such as brogues. Beginners should stick to wearing block-coloured shoes. Dark-coloured shoes are more adaptable than other types of footwear. Contrast your whole outfit as much as possible before you buy men’s shoes online.

#1. Black Shoes

Your black shoes are ideal for working since they go with everything. That’s why you must be cautious about your attire when doing so. It seems formal most of the time, which limits your choices.

When it comes to casual, you’ll want to dress appropriately, whether it’s with chinos or jeans. Nothing works better than a pair of black sneakers. Men’s Italian leather boots are the finest shoes to wear. With colorful casual clothing, black shoes would be too bold, so you may wish to remove your socks, cuff up your hem, and wear loafers out of all the shoe kinds.

#2. Brown Sneakers

Brown should be your go-to color for stylish shoes. With these brightly coloured shoes, you can effortlessly work out with any attire. You wouldn’t seem stuffed; instead, your individuality would shine through.

If the hue is lighter, it will give you a more relaxed appearance. Brogues would appear less formal than oxfords in the same shade. When wearing it with casual outfits, you have to make sure your trousers and footwear don’t match the color. Otherwise, you’re good to go, and Chelsea boots look better with denim than worker boots.

#3. Oxblood Shoes

Oxblood is a neutral color with a slightly bolder touch than brown. You may still want to remain in your comfort zone but doing so is more complicated than it seems. They don’t work with the most sophisticated outfits but with anything else.

When you wear suits, there is more variety, and they are ideal for wedding attire. Those oxblood penny loafers are the finest to match with anything while wearing casual.

#4. Tan Boots

Tan has always been the go-to color for the most laid-back look. The brown suedes look best when you’re dressed casually. Wearing bright colors with it would be fantastic. These look great with casual clothing and aren’t suitable for formal occasions. You should personalize your clothing if you want to nail these looks.

#5. White Trainers

White sneakers have been launched in most brands, and you couldn’t readily wear them with denim shorts back then since it was considered odd. You can wear them with everything, including a shirt, a roll neck, and even shorts and parachute trousers, and still, look great. If you possess these sneakers, you should prioritize cleaning since they will last longer that way.


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