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Best Telstra Mobile Deals for The May of This Year

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As an avid of a Telstra plan, you possibly know about the strengths and weakness of the carrier. Along with great network coverage, it can appeal the fairly higher cost of access on its contract. Not just for Telstra international call rates prepaid, the carrier comes with some premium inclusions. These include Foxtel Now as well as Apple Music subscriptions that really make sweeten your choice more exciting.

When we scanned a lot of plans and deals, we found that Telstra has some of its best plans and packages. Those plans are suitably best for all sorts of users no matter if you’re in search of some affordable or pricey one. In this case, it has come with the offer of three different types of deals for its clients that we’re going to discuss.

Top Pick – iPhone XR 64GB

when you decide to go with Telstra, this carrier’s iPhone offering is the most compelling. Also, you’ll not find any other better value this time when it comes to the iPhone XR. If you choose this phone deal, you’ll not just get the offer of unlimited overseas calls and texts; you’ll get 50GB of free mobile data as well.

Also, it’ll enable you to get an entire host of free sporting event coverage. And these all are available just for $109 pm that will be a total cost of $2,616 for a 24-month duration.

Best Budget – Google Pixel 3

Although you’re not going to get the latest flagship phone from Google, the Pixel 3 XL is many ways great one in the best budget. Also, it has changed arguably a little from its previous one and it still holds up the Pixel 2 XL.

Apart from getting 15GB of free mobile data, you’ll find it more enticing as it comes with affordable low price with Telstra plan. In the end, these all are available just for $49 pm that will be a total cost of $1176 for a 24-month period.

Best Big Data Plan – iPhone XS Max

With this deal, Telstra has truly shined where you’ll get an unlimited data plan for a monthly charge of $199. Regardless of which handset you’re going to choose, you’ll get this rare offer from this carrier. That means you can choose the costliest handset like iPhone XS Max and it has a massive storage of 512GB.

Besides, while choosing this deal, you’ll get the real unlimited data with unlimited overseas talk time plus text along with 10GB free roaming data. For these great offers, you’ll have to pay a higher amount of $4,776 within 24 months as per $199 per month basis.


If you choose any of the above-said deals, you’ll get peace of mind for calls, data, SMS, MMS, and overseas calling plus SMS offers. As the packages are usually unlimited you’ll get them when you shop a new phone, not for SIM only plans or any other plans. So, choose from the said three phone deals for better Telstra experience.


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