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How to Improve Medical Practice Efficiency

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Follow the below tips to improve your medical practice efficiency.

1. Upgrading technology

In today’s world of technology, being updated is the key for any organization to survive. Upgrade and update your office with respect to technology. It will provide better and faster operations such as data entry or retrieval. If you haven’t jumped on the online website bandwagon, you should really consider doing it. Online presence is very helpful with at least 75% of the population using the internet for help. A good and attractive website will have more patients consulting you even in after-hours of your clinic and making appointments. Other advancements may include; cloud storage options for medical records storage, integrated EMRs, updated computers with proper hardware and updated and licensed software.

2. Improve Your Staff

Your staff is an integral part of running your organization and it is important to keep them happy and motivated. You can’t run a clinic alone and you have to make sure that your staff is always enthusiastic and dedicated. Encouraging and giving them positive feedbacks randomly during the day can make them happy and will make them more efficient. The one-to-one meeting is also another way of checking in your staff and inspiring them.

A problem in many clinics is that the staff is designated in the wrong positions. For example, a physician could be helping in care for the patient rather than doing data entry or medical records storage. This task should be assigned to personnel who are the right fit for the job. Delegating your staff according to their domain will improve the staff’s efficiency and the work will be done faster than before.

3. Gather Feedback and Work on Flaws

Have your patients review your services through questionnaires after having them treated or on your online website. This is one of the best ways to pinpoint the flaws in your business and to correct them and make your medical practice more efficient. Through feedback, you can find the flaws that went unnoticed before and hence, they can be corrected for the betterment of the patients.

4. Efficient Appointment Scheduling


Avoiding bottlenecks or long wait times for your patients is your main concern. This can be because of many reasons including you as a physician being late to show up at the clinic and patients are piling up but the most common one is the inefficiency in scheduling appointments. Your primary goal is to provide services to maximum patients while maintaining the ins and outflow of patients. This can be done with proper scheduling of appointments either online appointments or computerized scheduling in your clinic. This will help you know how much traffic there will be, and you can prepare for that accordingly.

Online availability can also work for your online patients just as PACS medical records storage can speed up data retrieval. You can check into that in your free time. Hire an administrator to see to the patient appointments and scheduling. With proper appointment system, you can increase the flow of a patient in your clinic by up to at least 5 patients.


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