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8 Creative Things to Do with PDF

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The most popular file type to ever exist, Portable Document Format or simply, PDF is established in the market as being the easiest to use. But wait, do you think there’s not much to do with it? A plain document offering just a handful of incentives?

In reality, there’s a couple of creative and innovative things to do with PDF; let’s talk about them in detail.

1. Saving

Surprisingly, PDF files can be directly saved to Google Drive, One drive and Dropbox. Just open the document in Nitro Pro, click on File, then Save as and simply select the destination of your file. Have your files secure with you?

2. Pinterest

This site has been trending for a long time and although it carries a lot of material, valuable data might be at risk of being lost; even forever. One easy way to download your Pinterest pins to PDF is going to a board and then pressing Ctrl+P bringing the printing box upfront. Change the option to your liking and then select “Print to PDF” and lastly, click “All pages” and you’re done.

Having a backup is necessary in case data is lost and PDFs provide this facility, with people still not being aware of the benefits it offers.

3. Instagram

Do you want to save a printed copy of your family or friends’ pictures from Instagram but don’t know how? Worry no more.

Just access a website that provides the feature of converting Instagram posts into PDF and choose your desired images. Print the ones you want and save your valuable memories.

4. Endless Scrolling

Do you find it tiring to scroll through PDFs all day long? Jumping document to document with each task? Simply log in FlipSnack and change your PDF files into a flipbook to avoid the same, monotonous tasks again and again.

The purpose of your work does not matter, this feature can be utilized by anyone wishing to avoid wasting time scrolling.

5. Wikipedia

With knowledge being upgraded at a rapid rate, Wikipedia is a go-to for anyone seeking information online. But are they available on the internet only?

Go to the “Print/export” section on Wikipedia’s menu and click on “download as PDF” and then export the desired Wikipedia page as a PDF document. Now you can access this data whenever you want without requiring the internet.

6. Notebooks

Some individuals rely on notes and prefer their tasks or work to be written in notes only. To do this with your PDF files as well, download custom PDF notebook templates available on the website Generated Paper.

Surprisingly, they offer a wide variety of options to choose from, including your needs in the process too.

7. Whiteboards

Students face an endless struggle in jotting down work from whiteboards every single day. This can consume a lot of time and often, the whiteboard may be cleared before you get a chance to copy all the material. This is where PDF pitches in to ease your burden.

Simply take a picture, upload it to Nitro Cloud on your account and now you can download it as a PDF.

8. Converting PDF to Other Formats

Do you know you can convert PDF to JPG free? It’s cool. You can search for online converts that convert PDF to JPG free. There are plenty to choose from.

PDFs are a blessing to this world and their use has only increased and will continue to do so. We hope these creative ways help you in making life simpler and enjoyable. And as we mentioned before, to find online converters, search the terms like ‘convert PDF to JPG free’ or ‘PDF to Word free’.


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