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What You Should Know About Some Common SEO Mistakes

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SEO is indeed a complicated subject. Many web designers and developers believe they should handle copywriters and search pros. That makes sense, given that many typical SEO techniques focus on content manipulation and labeling for search. But here’s the thing.

As a web designer, you can make decisions that influence the search-friendliness of your website. That is, you should be active in the identification and correction of a website’s SEO flaws. Therefore, before you look for the cost of Google ad campaign, let’s know more about the SEO mistakes.

Awful Pop-Ups

Everyone despises an ill-timed, irrelevant, or intrusive pop-up. Hence, Google has gone so far as to punish mobile websites. They use what it considers to be inappropriate and invasive pop-ups. So this is what I’m going to say.

Make use of as little space as feasible for your pop-ups. Yotel’s desktop website is an excellent illustration of this. If pop-ups must display on mobile, place them in a top or bottom banner. It keeps your advertising message out of the way of the viewer.

Overweight Images

Google awards pages that load quickly—load speeds of less than three seconds. If there are several things developers can do to increase loading times, designers should focus on pictures to boost performance and SEO.

Examine the file size in particular. A picture can only take up so much space on a website. This is especially in this mobile-first era. So, why utilize a 12MB file when it is only displayed as a thumbnail on the site’s news feed?

I’m not suggesting that you cease utilizing extensive, high-resolution photographs. Resize them and pass them through a compression program. It’s like TinyPNG to avoid overloading your web server.

Text in Images

There will be two reasons why putting text inside photos is poor SEO. The first is about readability. Consider what occurs when text is placed on top of an image. If there’s a distinct contrast between the two, readability should be acceptable.

But what if the text has superimposed on an otherwise uninteresting area of a desktop image? When seen on a mobile device, it shrinks and may cover a busier and more distracting section of the image. Then there’s the question of how the text has inserted.

Search bots will not recognize text that has been copied into an image file. If your copywriters created that string of text with a search phrase incorporated in it, you’ve just eliminated it from Google’s index.

Marks for lack of Trust

The final blunder concerns security. This is something Google is quite concerned about. But a lot of it is up to a wordpress web developer to do. To contribute, look for possibilities to integrate trust marks to improve users’ confidence as they navigate your website. At the bottom of the webpage, Uncommon Goods lists a number of these:

In Conclusion

Reputation marks may vary depending on the nature of your website’s company. But they do exist. Malware removal program. SSL encryption.

A secure payment gateway. These are the types of symbols that will put your visitors at ease. It allows them to remain longer and convert.

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