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Let’s Know About Some Dos & Don’ts of Candle Burning

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Do you like your scented candle sets to burn more evenly, have a deeper scent, and last longer? Before you light up, have a look at these guidelines. Black smoke trails, a mushroom-shaped wick, and soot spots on the jar… sound familiar?

You have a luxury candle habit; it pays to know how to burn them properly – after all. So, you can make your candles last longer and smell better.

We asked Diptyque candle specialist Julie Bonin for the dos and don’ts of candle burning so you can put the insider knowledge to use. Therefore, before you look for knitted throw blankets, let’s begin!

When You First Use It, Let It Burn for Two Hours

“When you initially light a candle, you should always let it burn for a couple of hours. This has done to allow the top layer of wax to completely melt, guaranteeing even burning when you ignite it again.

Because wax retains a memory, it is critical not to omit this step if you want your candle to burn evenly.”

Do not Set Your Candle in a Draughty Area

“Another strategy to make your candle last longer is to avoid placing your candle in a draughty environment. It is since this means your candle will be consumed more quickly.” This is Instagram material that has imported.

Trim Your Wick Regularly

“It is critical to keep the wick trimmed. Because the longer the wick, the faster your candle will burn, cutting it will help it last longer. It also keeps black smoke at bay and keeps the glass from overheating.

Give it a trim it every time you use your candle to ensure it is no longer than a couple millimeters long – the same length it was when fresh.”

After Each Burn, Re-Center Your Wick.

“In addition to cutting your wick, to avoid soot streaks on the glass, re-center it after putting out your candle while the wax is still flowing. This keeps the wick from moving and blackening the glass.”

Don’t Forget To Put the Lid Back On

“If you aren’t using the candle on a daily basis, we recommend using lids to keep dust from gathering on it. If dust has accumulated, a moistened cotton pad can use to remove it off the top of the wax.” This is Instagram material that has imported.

Do Dirt Free the Glass

Your glass becomes black due to the candle being left to burn for too long. So, gently wipe the black spots with a moist cotton pad soaked in warm soapy water. Make sure to dry the area before relighting your candle thoroughly.”

Do Not Throw Away Your Candle Jar

“When your candle has completely burned down, just pour hot water into the glass (use oven mitts as the glass can get extremely hot), swirl it gently, drain the water into a sink, and wipe with a paper towel to restore the holder.

Repeat this process a few times more until the glass is fully clean. It’s perfect for brush or pencil holders, as well as flower pots!”

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