It doesn’t matter whatever industry you’re in, a better drainage system is a very significant thing of the most types of industries and construction projects. This is why it’s important to have a good drainage system regardless of the beverage shop floor or food industry.

It’ll help you to deal with the proper flow of your surface water and keeping your floor clean with simple effort. Like the slab drain, it allows the floor to dry quickly.

However, when it comes to the shop floor drainage systems, it’s a different thing and it can stand for anywhere. Below are some different drainage systems for different shop floor that may be useful for you as well.

Automobiles Body Shops

It might sound a bit strange that a simple auto body shop also needs a better drainage system. But, it’s similarly important that people do for some other type of facilities. That matter of an auto body shop relates to the cars that need to use different kinds of fluids to make them function.

These include gas, oil, anti-freeze, and fluid for the windshield. When people take their auto to some shops for work out, the vehicles many leaks and these fluids may run out to the floor. Also, the same thing may happen while replacing parts of the vehicles.

If you have a good drainage system in the shop, it’ll allow you to use a water hose to rinse the floor. And it also allows you to leave the water and fluids throughout the drainage. As a result, you’ll get the floor without issues like a slip.

Car Washes

Of course, car washes are another right place where proper drainage system plays a great role. The shops of car washes always use soaps, water, and some other types of cleaning supplies. Thus they clean to make a car shiny, but the process makes some sort of dirt as its byproduct. The floor of the car washes become greasy that can make some serious injuries.

As a result, it’s very essential to keep the floor clean and spotless without making any chance of possible slipping. When you’ll wash the place, you’ll use water and determent that need a way to go out. This way, a healthy drainage system comes to function in these places.


A car garage is another perfect place to use a good drainage system for some good reasons. Like the auto repair shops, a garage also handles a large number of vehicles due to many issues. These may include malfunctioning or broken parts that have made them problematic.

When they come to a garage, the workers use different types of liquids and greases to remove the parts. Also, they do the same when they fix the issues with some new parts. Thus, the area of the garage becomes dirty and very slippery.

So, it needs to be made a good wash to remove all of the unwanted stuff from grate and frame. Hence, you’ll be using water and cleaning agents to wash the area out. If you have a better water flowing system, then it matters nothing tough to keep it always clean.


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