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5 Cool Online Shopping Hacks

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Online shopping has certainly emerged as a trend in recent times. You no longer have to go through rush and crowds, and wait hours to get through a tiresome checkout. Each and every detail, right from the size chart to the type of fabric used is available on every retailer website, so you can shop your heart away. If you want to know some useful hacks that can make your online experience much more enjoyable, then keep reading.

1. Save Money on Shipping Charges

Most of us love to shop but get baffled at the extra amount of shipping we would be charged with at the checkout. To save money on shipping charges, google up your favorite retailers and you will find a list of the retailers that provide free shipping. For example, ASOS provides free shipping regardless of the amount you spend there. Another useful hack is to buy in bulk to waiver off shipping costs, most brands set a cut off limit on the amount you spend and ultimately offer free shipping. Another way you can save on shipping is to buy more and return later, but this usually applies on brands that have a free return policy. 

2. How to Get Discounts While Shopping Online

It’s a good idea to always google up a few vouchers or promo codes that you can use at the checkout to save a few extra bucks. Don’t want to go through the hassle of searching vouchers? Try POUCH- a free downloadable extension that shows all the offers available on that specific website. Sign up for newsletters and email subscriptions, most retailers give a whopping 10% off to their new subscribers. You can also ask the customer representative on the availability of promo codes and vouchers, the key is to not be shy and ask away. Also, using price comparison USA tool is a plus.

3. How to Save Money On Checkout

It’s very much possible that the brand you are approaching might be selling a specific article quite costly, and you might be able to bag a deal and a hefty discount elsewhere. In that case, a quick Google search about the specific item you are eyeing after can save you some cash. You can also use a price comparison USA tool to do that easily. Another personal favorite of ours is cash back sites that reimburse a small percentage of your purchase back, all you have to do is find your retailer on their system and you are good to go.

4. Use Your Credit Card to Shop Online

If you are mindful of using your credit card, and pay your bills timely each month, we recommend using your credit card when making online purchases. Credit cards are refunded more easily, plus you can get cash back points on each purchase.

5. Shop Around

The best way to bag in deals is to literally shop around and frequently use price comparison USA websites. Perhaps the article you want is stocked by multiple retailers, and it might be on sale too. Check out eBay and DePop for second hand stuff. 

So here you have it, folks! A list of all the useful hacks that can be used to make your online shopping experiences more pleasant while still able to save a couple of dollars in the process.

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