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5 Ideas to Tie out Your Dog without Stakes

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Are you going to the park with your dog? Don’t know where to tie out your dog? You don’t have a heavy-duty dog tie out stake?

You can tie out your dog even without the stake. Here I will give you five ideas on how and where can you tie out your dog.

#1 Tie Out With a Rock

Wherever you go with your dog, try to find a solid rock that is hard to move. A solid rock can do the work of a stake.

Tie out your cable with a rope and tie it around the rock. This method is reliable. Especially because if the rock is hard and solid. This is an easy method as you will find a rock almost everywhere you go.

#2 Tie With a Cable

This is a relatively hard to set up method. But you can use this method if you are going to tie your dog in your backyard. The easiest way is to buy a normal cable and find something to tie the cable. Tie the cable with something tall. Tie both sides of the cable with something taller than you.

It will help you to move freely without disturbing you by hitting your head. Then tie out the dog on the cable. This takes a while to set up. But your dog can move more freely within this. He can move to the end of the cable.

#3 Tie Out With a Tree

You can tie your dog with a tree. This is a simple method and pretty easy. If you go out for a walk in the park with your dog, this is the best way I suggest.

Find a tree, a cable, or a rope to clip around the tree. Or you can buy a leash big enough to clip around the tree. Tie the rope’s one end with a tie-out cable, and clip the other end of the rope with the tree. And if you use the leash, attach the tie-out cable with a hook or carabineer.

When you find the tree, pass the leash through the carabineer and clip the leash to its handle around the tree. Clip one end of the tie-out cable to the carabineer and the other end with your dog’s collar.

#4 Tie Your Dog with the Patio or Dog House

This is the easiest way or the common way everyone ties their dog. People often use a chain to tie the dog with the patio or doghouse.

I do not recommend this practice as it can tangle on the dog’s collar easily. Try to avoid the chain. As there are some horror stories with the chain.

#5 Make Your Own Heavy-Duty Stake

If you cannot afford to buy a heavy-duty dog tie out stake, you can make one at the house. The homemade stake may work as a regular stake, and the stake is portable. It can also resist the weather. You can take the stake everywhere with you. It doesn’t need a tree or rock to tie out.


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