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How To Train Your Dog Like Professional Trainers

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Nobody learned anything by birth. Everybody has to be taught to learn something. Fortunately, humans learn faster than dogs. And dogs need to be trained.

To train dogs, you need to have a means of punishment and a means of reward. If the dog does something unexpected, punish him. If he does something that you want him to do, reward him.

This is the basic formula of training any dog. To reward a dog, there are training treats for dogs. Try to find the best training dog treat for dogs to train your dog.

Just buying the treat is not enough to train your dog. You need to maintain a proper way to treat the dog. Otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain.

This is a full guide on training your dog with treats.

#1 Figure Out Your Dogs Choice

Try to understand which food your dog loves. Experiment with all the treats that you want to feed him and find out which foods he likes. Make three categories.

  • High-value treats
  • Medium value treats
  • Low-value treats

The values don’t depend on the price that you are giving for these foods. It depends on the food level that the dog likes.

#2 Use High Value Treats Rarely

The foods that your dog likes the most are labelled as high-value treats. You can use these treats to train your dog in a new behaviour. Use these in distracting environments.

Reward with high-value treats when you want a quick response or high response to something. While socializing the dog or modifying the behaviour of anxiety, aggression, fear, etc.

#3 Use Medium Value Treats Often

You can use these to maintain an already learned behaviour in a calm distracting environment. Moreover, you can treat with medium value treats throughout the day for good behaviour.

Besides, as a part of enrichment activities, medium value treats can be used.

#4 Use Low Value Treats Most Of The Time

This is the general treatment that you will use to maintain your dog’s learned behaviour. Use these treats when your dog has already generalized a normal grade performance.

Moreover, you can use this to encourage good behaviour throughout the day. Use these in a low or no distracting environment and as a part of regular enrichment activities.

Finally, use low-value treats for a specific type of behaviour.

#5 Make A Treat Last Long

First, you have to pick a variety of treats for the dog to try on. The dog treats should be picked based on protein type, texture, and ease of delivery.

Have a variety of poultry, fish, beef, pork, or lamb as these are high in protein. Include a non-meat treat such as peanut butter.

Choose various treats based on the texture type, such as dry foods, jerky food, or wet foods. Try to choose the foods that are easy to find. It will be easier for you to give treats to your dog.

Go for the treats that are easily breakable to you.


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