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4 Best Santa Maria California Beaches

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The city of Santa Maria is close to the Southern California coast in Santa Barbara County. The city is famous for Santa Maria-style barbeque and beautiful Santa Maria California beaches.

  1. Paradise Beach

The mesmerizing Paradise beach is situated on the island of Sal. Here Backpacking Trail is popular among backpackers. This out and back style trail is located near Guadalupe and offers scenic views. It is a difficult trek over sand and hill but the views there are worth seeing. Paradise Beach Country Park is an attractively landscaped facility on San Pablo Bay near Tiburon California.

The beach is contracted and rocky but a cool place to kayak to explore the bay. The park offers a lot in addition to the beach. Anglers can go for a long fishing while others can bring a ball or Frisbee to relish the open grass fields. Picnic tables and benches throughout this park make it a great place to come for lunch or just some rest.

  1. Avila Beach

Beautiful Avila beach is a small-town beach but it is full of fun activities. With its boutique, amazing dining, shops, breathtaking beaches and activities, it is hard to visualize yourself anywhere else but on the beach in Avila. Calm bay waters make it a perfect location for paddle boarding and kayaking.

When exploring the water, keep an eye out for whales, seabirds and dolphins. Amble along the dog-friendly beach and immerse in the sun with a picnic. Explore Avila Beach’s historic Port San Luis Pier, where anglers haul in their bounty daily. Shoppers will adore boutique shopping and galleries downtown. Sink deeper into the relaxing state with a dip in Avila’s natural hot spring.

  1. Pismo State Beach

Pismo beach is a town in San Luis Obispo County. It is full of uncanny and unusual things that entice an array of people to the coast. Here Bubble Gum Alley is a weird but gradually popular tourist attraction. This alley has hoarded chewed gum left by people embedded in the walls. Some think it distasteful others have seen it as art. Monarch Butterfly Groove is another mesmerizing place to visit in Pismo State Beach. Every year thousands of vivacious colored butterflies drop away to Pismo Beach to escape from northern winter. Oceano Pismo Dunes Preserve offers rare sand activities like camping, horseback riding and even diving on the beach.

  1. Point Sal

Point Sal beach is a distant public beach that has become quite hard to access. Point Sal’s steep Oceanside bluffs, coastal dunes and wetland habitats support over 300 native plant species. The Point Sal trail is placed at the end of Brown Road. It is an old road that has worn over time. The trail is ascetically strenuous in intensity with an elevation gain of about 1,200 feet from the top of the ridge down to the beach. Mountain biking would be the best way to reach Point Sal Beach.

Sketch out your holidays plan to one of the amazing Santa Maria California Beaches and grab joyful moments. But you should also keep in mind that you need to know about the things to do in the travel spot you are visiting like top things to in San Luis Obispo.


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