Below are few important things that all international students going to study in Australia should pack other than looking for unlimited international calls. These are the must have things in order to make your life easier when you move to Australia.

1. Documents are Necessary

Any international student to study in Australia should have all the essential and necessary documents. This includes passport, visa, official degrees and academic documents, student ID card, if given, insurance documents as well as other papers. You should take care of the documents and keep them at a place where you can find them easily and chances of losing them are low.

2. Medicine and Toiletries

The next important thing is to keep emergency medicines. If you are a patient and use particular medication, you should keep the repots and prescriptions along with other things. Sunscreen, moisturizers, cosmetics, First-aid kit, Sinus medicine, sanitary pads, eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and cleaning solutions should also be in your packing list. These items will make your life easy in Australia.

3. Few Backpacks

You need to have at least 3-4 four backpacks. But we believe carrying all this will be hard for a student so you can buy one at home and others as you reach Australia. You will need a bag for college or university so it is really important. Other backpacks will come in handy when you want to travel to other cities at weekends and enjoy the beauty in Australia. The backpacks will help you put all necessary things and belongings for travel and vacations.

4. Camera and Hard Drive

We believe that all international students who go to study in Australia can’t resist themselves when it comes to exploring nature and beauty in Australia. There are hundreds of places, botanical gardens, Iceland and beaches that attract students. So you must have a good quality camera and a hard drive that can store data up to 1TB. This will suffice for 2-3 years or even more to keep your photos and memories safe. And an unlimited international calling plans that keep your close to your loved ones.

5. Variety of Shoes

In Australia, you should have a number of pair of shoes. This includes flip flops that you can wear at home and will also need when you go swimming. For classes and universities, you will need proper shoes like boots formal or casual ones. Furthermore, you have should one or two pairs of sneakers if you go climbing, visit markets and countryside areas. They will help you stay cool and improve your dressing sense as well.

6. Warm Clothes

When it comes to clothing, you will need many items. 5 pairs of socks, 7 pairs of underwear, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 skirts or trousers, 2 pairs of swimwear, shirts, sweaters, rain jacket, light jacket, bathing suit, hat as well as wool sweater are the must-have things for a student going to study in Australia. The weather is unpredictable so you should go prepared. Moreover, these things can be expensive in Australia so you should be wise and buy them from home.

Lastly, look for a reliable mobile network to get unlimited international calls.


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