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5 Creative Uses Of Online Meeting Platforms By Businesses

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Using online meeting platforms allows the company to save money and better use its employees’ time. In addition, it enables remote teams to communicate real-time information, offers flexibility, boosts engagement between in-house and remote team members, and aids enterprises in removing geographical boundaries with remote workers.

Companies are using their best online meeting tool for things no one ever thought before was possible! Here are some of the creative ways companies are using technology.

#1. Recruitment

Business around the world uses billions of dollars on recruiting. They hire agencies to conduct interviews for them. However, during the pandemic, someone thought of conducting these sessions online. That way, companies can save money on logistics and hiring fees!

Organizations first conducted telephonic interviews and then invited the selected applicants in for an in-person round of interviews. In addition, many firms are increasingly using online meeting platforms to start the onboarding process and introduce their teams.

#2. Training

Employee engagement, retention, skill development, and much more may all be achieved via training. However, while doing in-house training for employees is a good idea, the same cannot be said for remote team members.

Distant team members may get training using the best online meeting platforms, making it a highly cost-effective option that would generally need all remote teams to gather in person. Not to mention the many extra expenses that come with it.

#3. Meetings

Having a discussion at the round table meeting while having pizza seemed so perfect. But that’s not possible during a pandemic. moreover, large firms with several remote t

Remote employees may use online meeting platforms to join all corporate meetings, which helps them remain connected and feel like a part of the organization.

#4. IT Help

Logging in to one of the application systems or having difficulty with a laptop might be a severe problem at times. However, when we can’t thank screen sharing, the online meeting platforms’ remote access abilities make IT helpdesk challenges a snap.

#5. Internal Library

Businesses produce a plethora of PowerPoint presentations and videos and valuable how-to guides for new employees. However, making a journey to the office every time a meeting requires certain documents might be time-consuming.

Because it is available to all workers regardless of time zones, a centralized corporate “YouTube” library may be advantageous to all prospective users.

Other innovative methods to utilize online meeting platforms include sharing ideas, developing ideas with the team, offering technical help to distant groups/field employees, and concluding transactions with customers. All of these are great, isn’t it?

What Are The Advantages Of Using Internet Conferencing?

Advantages-Of-Using-Internet-Conferencing-on-PassionArticlesWhen utilized wisely, technology may enable professionals to do much more than they could otherwise. Communications technology is beneficial in this situation.

The following are some of the things that communications technology can perform for a business:

Meetings can be recorded for future reference. Modern video conferencing tech enables organizations to record their meetings with high-quality video and audio and then review them afterwards. This is perfect for meetings with a lot of material or for public relations specialists. Slow notetaking is no longer essential, allowing for more spontaneous meetings.

Processes for training and feedback are more effective. Few ways are more successful than talking to workers directly if corporate managers want to hear how to do things better. This is made feasible through online conferencing, which allows project leaders and managers to get instant feedback. The same strategy may be used to effectively manage training.

Encourage more thinking and engagement. It might be challenging to keep track of everyone’s contributions in a typical meeting. This may hinder brainstorming by persuading those with excellent ideas to remain silent. On a web platform, every input is logged. This will inspire meeting participants to provide feedback, maybe resulting in a fresh wave of ideas.

Reduce travel time and bring far-flung groups closer together. The process of planning a meeting may be time-consuming and costly. When getting together project leaders or meeting with partners, this is often the case. On the other hand, a corporation may have a meeting in a fraction of the time without spending any money with video conferencing tech.

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