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When Do You Start Introducing Bath Toys To Your Child?

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Bath time is a special time for parents and children to connect. Bathing newborn newborns aren’t required since they don’t become too filthy. In fact, spending too much time in the bath might cause their skin to become dry. On the other hand, bath time may help parents and children connect as they become older. Having the correct baby bath toys can convert the whole experience into something delightful and exciting, whether you’re washing your children in the morning or at the end of the day.

Bath toys may be introduced to your baby in the first few months, but they are unlikely to be played with. Every infant, though, is unique. Some newborns find that having something to play with while bathing helps them relax. Bath toys may also help kids become thrilled about bath time, reducing the likelihood of a fight. Bringing bath toys to your tub isn’t a bad idea since most of them are safe.

Toys For Babies In The Bath

As previously stated, bath toys are not necessary during your baby’s first few months. If you feel compelled to bring in bath toys, such as when your infant doesn’t want to get wet, you may put up containers in which you can pour water over them. Be ready for plenty of cute grins and giggles. When your baby’s teeth start to come in, a natural rubber teether may function as a bath toy and something to gnaw on. Rubber toys with no holes are ideal since they are simpler to clean and do not collect mold.

6 Months Of Bathtub Toys

Babies should be introduced to bath toys at the age of six months. They already have firm head control and hand-eye coordination at this age. They may also have improved their fine motor abilities, allowing them to grab items. They can also sit up on their own and begin to show an interest in toys.

Bath toys can give excellent learning and exploring opportunities. Your kids learn to enjoy and identify vivid colors around six months. They begin to love blowing bubbles and filling and emptying containers.

Toys For Toddlers In The Bath

When your kid is older, you may let them select whatever bath toy they like as long as it is waterproof, battery-free, and safe. They can bring almost any toy they currently possess, such as diggers, dump trucks, tea sets, and plastic figurines.

Toy boats, like toy cars, are popular bath toys. Tugboats, submarines, and even sea copters are available for kids. They’re decorated in vivid colors to keep your youngsters occupied while bathing for hours. They go well with other toys and might encourage your youngster to bathe frequently.

What Can You Use Instead Of Bath Toys? 

If you’re on a budget, you can make baby bath toys out of anything, even discarded bottles, and cups. They’re commonplace goods that provide hours of filling and emptying entertainment. Allow your youngster to pretend that these everyday things are boats or submarines to stimulate creative play.

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