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How to Clean Your House in an Hour or Less Time?

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It should not be a drawn-out or boring event to clean your house. Indeed, with some favorite tunes and a good cleaning caddy near to hand, we ensure you can get it over just within an hour. You just need to know how to clean your house in an hour.

And many people think it impossible because they don’t have an idea about the ways to do it effectively. Even if you allow it, it can take a whole day to clean an entire house. It’s because you always will find things to dust, wipe, sweep, and polish.

Staying focused on the task at hand is a trick to speeding up the cleaning job after you know how to clean house fast and easy. Although a fast cleaning process focuses on specific tasks, it doesn’t turn back from them. Well, let’s know the process to clean a home in one hour or less time.

The Countdown Has Started On!

Kitchen: 60:00 – 50:00  

Get a cup of coffee and pour down in vinegar about 1cm and top it with another cm of water. Cook the mixture in the microwave for one and a half minutes and leave it for now. Get the items that are not from your kitchen and keep them in a laundry basket.

After loading the dishwasher, turn it on and wash the dishes of your sink. Also, clean the top of the benches and draining board using this mixture. And do a quick clean all other remaining stuff in the kitchen.

Living Room / Dining: 49:59 – 42:00

It’s time to head to your living areas grabbing the laundry basket. Keep everything in the laundry basket goes into your living area away. And then collect everything that doesn’t go in this area and keep them into the same basket.

Dust for the entire room along with TV and some other electronics stuff and wipe out their surfaces. Now, get in your dining space and keep the whole thing into the laundry storage bin that wants to be re-located.

Study, Bedrooms & Laundry: 41:59 – 27:00

Get into your study with the laundry basket and keep things that don’t fit in in this area into the basket. Then remove and keep away things that do. For all bedrooms, get into them with a laundry basket and take out things that don’t fit there.

Do dusting all surfaces and get them a fast wipe-down. In the laundry room, avail your washing machine a fast once-over along with a moist cloth.

Bathroom: 26:59 – 15:00

For all bathrooms, spurt bathroom cleaner into a bowl plus under the edge. Scrub the toilet bow nicely and push out some other hidden dirt under the toilet’s lid.

Leave it for a few times to sit and spray your shower using bleach spray and keep on sit. Then clean the whole thing along with basin drain.

Finishing Up: 14:59 – 00:00

Finally, look for if any items you miss to keep away in your basket and return the basket in the laundry room. Now, make a quick clean up of your windows and mop all the floors.

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