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Top 6 Nutrition Blogs to Follow Right Now

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Let’s face it: food is one of the most popular subjects on the internet. Unfortunately, when seeking science-based and accurate facts, the internet is still the Wild West. It’s jam-packed with fitness and nutrition bloggers that share delectable recipes and healthy eating tips.

Simultaneously, many people are confused and conflicted by the vast amount of dietary knowledge available. It’s crucial to know who we can trust. Here are six of the top nutrition blogs run by qualified nutritionists and seek to both teach and inspire.

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1. Rhitrition

Rhiannon is qualified, experienced, and emotional, and those three words better characterize him. She is a bestselling author, a Certified Nutritionist, and the founder of the Harley Street Clinic Rhitrition.

Rhiannon’s blog, as an amateur foodie and prolific recipe developer, features colorful and nutritious recipes and science-based answers to basic wellness questions. A brilliant website with a professional guide to diet and a variety of useful statistics.

2. Nutrition Stripped

McKel, a registered dietitian, fitness consultant, and blogger, founded a ground-breaking mind-body health organization that helps people worldwide.

On her blog’ Nutrition Stripped’, she encourages her readers to learn about diet research and honor our wellness’s basic foundations to become more in touch, linked, and mindful of their own wellbeing. She provides nutritious meals for daily use and diet information and advice on living a healthy lifestyle.

3. The Gut Health Doctor

Dr Megan Rossi (PhD, RD, and APD) is responsible for your good wellbeing and satisfaction. Megan learned through her PhD that by nourishing and caring for the stomach, people could change their lives in very concrete and sometimes unexpected ways. And she could assist them in doing so.

Megan and her team created The Gut Health Doctor in 2017 after being disappointed that their results were not reaching the mainstream. Megan and her team are excited about providing gut health education by sharing insightful stories focused on science and recipes that taste fantastic. They are also healthy for your gut.

4. The Food Medic

The Food Medic is an online forum that seeks to close the divide between formal medical advice and the most up-to-date ideas and innovations in diet and other lifestyle fields.

Dr Hazel Wallace is the Food Medic and a best-selling author and an NHS medical practitioner, and certified nutritionist. She provides science-based posts, easy-to-follow recipes, and actionable tips and guides to help you make responsible, healthier lifestyle decisions.

5. The Real Food Dietitians

Jessica and Stacie are two real-food registered dietitian nutritionists who love to talk about nutrition. They share balanced gluten-free and allergy-friendly tips for daily use. They’ve merged their passion for nutrition, wellness, and natural food with the ideas of comfort and ease.

6. Nourished by Nutrition

Jessica is a licensed dietitian nutritionist who blogs about nutrition and health from a scientific viewpoint. She assists her community in determining the right way to nourish their bodies by including a variety of healthy and easy-to-follow recipes and diet manuals.

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