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What You Should Know About Mountain Bike Frame Parts

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If you’re a passionate mountain biker, you might be wondering how a mountain bike has made. Knowing the anatomy of your bike is an important thing in the game of mountain bike riding. So, if you’re looking for learning about different mountain bike parts of your bike, this content is right for you.

You’ll love this article to read as it’s going to describe your beloved mountain bike. Also, it’ll be helpful for you while you’re seeking to buy a new bike or you already have bought one. That’s why we have compiled an overview with the most parts of your bike comprehensively. Well, let’s know about something about your mountain bike frame parts below:


As a frame is one of the most essential parts of a mountain bike, we’re starting with it. It’s not just the backbone of a bike, it also the biggest part of your bike that enjoins other parts with it. When you have a good frame with your bike, you’re the king with it.

So, we recommend spending a bit more money to get a high-quality frame. It’s because you know that a quality frame lasts for years. You’ll find two different type materials have used to make the frames like aluminum and carbon. The use of aluminum is widely and commonly found and it’s an affordable material as well.

Also, it’s strong and light that has made it a very popular material for the frame. Like aluminum, the carbon-made frame is also strong and lightweight. But, it has some extra perks, including shock-absorbent.


There are two wheels and they do not need to explain much more as you know why they’re used for. But, you might feel interested to take a close look at their different parts that they’re made with. Everybody knows about its rubber tires that have different sizes depending on the types of roads where you ride your bike.

There are two parts in tires and its inner part gets filled with air. When it comes to the outer tire, it’s as thicker as a groove for a great grip. The tires are remaining connected with the rim of the wheel that’s the wheel’s outer hoop.

But, you’ll find steel rims with cheaper bikes, but costlier mountain bike has carbon-made rims. As the inner valve of the tire has used for blowing up, they stick by a tiny hole in its rim.

Pedals, Cranks & Bottom Bracket

When you push your bike, the cranks and pedals make the chain spin that makes forward of the bike. As its pedal has attached to the cranks, they have been connected with the lower bracket. Bottom or lower bracket remains with the down tube, seat, and seat tube come jointly.

There are the bearings and a spindle that make you able to spin with pedal and cranks. Also, these two things, pedal, and cranks are one of the useful parts of your bike. But, while you’re buying a new bike for mountaineering, you need to consider a few things. These include pedals types and cranks.

Some other parts of the mountain bike are chain & gears, brakes, brake pads, disc brakes, handlebar, suspension, etc.


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