More people are using phones right now than they ever did before. This opens up a huge opportunity for financial companies. You don’t have to have a broker to perform your investing tasks. You can do it yourself or have apps or websites do that for you once you make some changes. You can have a wide variety of order types if you are an options trader, comprehensive charting tools if you are a day trader, create bond ladders, etc. In short, there are lots of opportunities if you invest online. There are lots of investing platforms to invest online but we found 4 to be at the top.

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments is one of the best trade routing engines in the world and creates lower trading costs for users. The owners of Fidelity have a goal to achieve price improvement on customer orders so that the “Buy” orders can be executed at a lower price than the market at that moment and the “Sell” orders to be the opposite. Customers who invest in more than 500 shares can achieve even more price improvement. There are lots of education and research opportunities there. You can even have banking services there. You will have a portfolio analysis. One disadvantage of this website is that it doesn’t have futures trading available in it.

TD Ameritrade

You can have 0 dollars on your TD Ameritrade account and use it. TD Ameritrade lets streaming news and homegrown videos be built on its website and there is a lot of wealth of education and product offerings. While you read the conversations about your holdings, you can also list using Social Signals which gets information form Twitter and organizes tweets. You can see a trade ticket at the bottom of every screen and you can do independent research from a lot of sources. The disadvantages of this website include no futures and forex being traded there.

Charles Schwab

Shwab has an ETF screener on its website and it has 9 pre-defined screens. You can also build your own with up to 70 criteria. You can have risk analytics built by optionsXpress, and the All-in-one trade ticket will let you build a trade for the asset classes you are able to use. One problem of using Schwab is that the charting functionality in StreetSmart Central runs on Adobe Flash and can cause problems with some operating systems.


On E*Trade, you don’t have to pay commission for stock or ETF trades. Its website has streaming real-time quotes, news, charts, daily market commentary, etc. You will have screeners to help you choose stocks, bonds, etc. It has good tools and flat pricing if you are a bond trader. One disadvantage is you cannot trade forex there.


All the names mentioned here are some of the top investing platforms for best investment opportunities in the world right now. You should choose the one that suits the best of your needs.


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