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5 Things to Know About Canvas Prints

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Canvas print is a technique of printing pictures on a canvas, with the help of an inkjet printer. You shouldn’t confuse canvas printing with canvas paintings. Here are some of the basic things you need to know about canvas prints.

1. Canvas Printed Images Have No Frame

When a picture is printed on a canvas, it is stretched out on a wooden framework, the wooden framework is underneath the canvas. Afterwards, the canvas is glued or nailed from the back side to prevent bulging of the canvas and to secure it in place. Tucking the image over the framework, gives the printed picture a frameless, borderless and cleaner appearance. But, it also has a lot of cons. The printed canvas pictures cannot be replaced in other picture frames, the only way you can remove the canvas from the wooden framework, is to remove the nails, which is securing the canvas in place.

2. They Are Permanent

As mentioned previously, canvas wall art is not easily replaceable. They cannot be removed from the wooden framework and be framed in another picture frame. The canvas is mostly ruined when removed from the wooden framework. So, it is not as practical as framed pictures or normal canvas paintings, which can be swapped every now and then.

3. It’s Cheaper

This is true for the most part. If you are an avid fan of art and you want a wide collection of paintings without breaking the bank, then the most inexpensive alternative to buying canvas paintings, is to have the pictures printed on a canvas and stretch it out on a wooden framework. Canvas wall art is very affordable, and it quenches the thirst of a die-hard art fan.

4. Canvas Painting Vs Canvas Printing

Here is where a lot of people get confused. There is a clear difference between canvas printing and canvas painting. First, canvas painting is a procedure where an image is painted on a canvas, by hand, and then it is framed. On the other hand, canvas printing doesn’t involve any painting. It is the procedure to print images on a canvas via an inkjet printer or color printer, then it is stretched out on a wooden framework. Another big difference between canvas printing and canvas painting is that canvas paintings are framed; they have picture frames around the border. Whereas, canvas printing has a borderless and clean appearance.

5. They Don’t Last Long

Canvas painting, as expensive as they are, last for decades and they seldom go dull. Canvas prints, on the other hand, doesn’t last for a long time. They will soon dull out and lose their brightness. The main reason behind it is that canvas prints don’t have a glass overlay to protect them, unlike canvas paintings. Canvas prints are inexpensive, but they do not last as long.


These tips are great to know if you are considering canvas wall art. It is an interesting way to print pictures onto a canvas and make a great wall art.

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