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6 Points to Consider When Renting a Job Site Trailer for Office Space

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Managing a construction site is a difficult task, and it’s virtually impossible if you’re not on-site. Job site trailers are movable offices that allow your project managers to closely watch the project while out in the field. There are various sizes of trailers to guarantee that everyone has enough room to get the work done, regardless of the size of your management team.

So, whether you want New Jersey storage trailers to buy or rent, we’ll go over six suggestions to assist you in choosing the appropriate worksite trailer for your temporary office space.

#1. Figure out how much space you’ll need.

When comparing trailer sizes, keep in mind the number of individuals using the worksite trailer. 150 square feet per person is a good rule of thumb for calculating how much office space you’ll need in a trailer. Purchase the biggest trailer that your budget will allow so that everyone may work securely and pleasantly.

#2. Determine the length of time you’ll need a job site trailer.

Many project managers are confused about whether to rent or purchase a worksite trailer. Buying a worksite trailer is the best option if you intend on utilizing it at various locations over time or if you want to personalize your mobile office. You can also follow New Jersey office trailers. However, renting a worksite trailer for a single project or less than a year may be a better choice.

#3. Make a financial plan.

A worksite trailer may cost anywhere from $200 to $1000 each month, depending on various factors such as the trailer’s size. Delivery and installation costs may vary depending on your location but expect to pay between $1,000 and $5,000 for this service.

#4. Get the job site ready.

It’s time to locate a worksite and prepare it for your mobile office after you’ve decided on the size of trailer you’ll need. Check that the ground is level and has enough room to transport and set up your worksite trailer. The delivery of a 40-foot mobile office necessitates the use of a 100-foot tractor-trailer.

Prepare for water and electricity connections before placing your trailer purchase. Also, ensure that the surface on which the trailer will be installed can handle the weight of the delivery truck and the trailer.

#5. Make it as comfortable as possible.

Your trailer’s temperature control needs may vary depending on the environment and the many job tasks you have. Because not all trailers come equipped with air conditioning or heaters, make sure you include such features.

For summertime usage, most worksite trailers may be equipped with wall-mounted or window-mounted air conditioners. To keep the trailer warm in colder months or areas, you may use portable gas heaters or electric baseboard heaters.

#6. Consider your technological requirements.

There are a variety of trailer designs available, and depending on your budget and requirements, your work site trailer may feature ethernet connections, Wi-Fi routers, or conference room TVs. Energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures and security measures such as keyless access are among the choices available.

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