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Best Places to Camp in Santa Barbara Right Now

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Truly you’ll not get another better place to get the charm of its mountains, beaches, islands, and many other things. It’s because it’s one of the best places to camp in Santa Barbara and you’ll find the campground and surroundings are full of campers and other people. That’s why if you’re hungry of a distant landscape camping next to the crashing sounds of waves, you’ll get these all from this place. Also, you’ll get the chances to go for surfing and hiking at the time of camping here plus watching wildlife and fishing are some other things to do. Without any surprise, these all have made it one of the busiest camping regions in California. Besides a great area of camping, it’s a fantastic coast and it’s miraculous for leisure in its rocky bays and coastal meadows.

Now, let’s talk about some of the incredibly great places for camping in this area.

Jalama County Beach Park

One of the attractive regions and has something thrilling about Jalama County Beach Park. If you’re a starter, you’ll find it 15 miles away from Pacific Coast Highway. When you down a wonderful road, you’ll get just it past a few agricultural fields, small buildings as well as some grazing cows. But, the sound “cows” is more likely to the Central Coast that might be strange to hear in Southern California. If you go simply a few miles north of Point Conception, you’ll find it’s lashed with merciless winds and dominant seas, which is infrequently causing everybody to move back to no matter what shelter is obtainable. This county campground is comprised of 109 campsites and 31 electrical hookups plus some cabins for those who come in small groups.

Carpinteria State Beach

When it comes to Carpinteria State Beach, it just 12 miles of Santa Barbara is in the south by the direction. If you want to camp in this pleasant spot, you can consider going to the Channel Islands with wonder. You’ll find about 250 campsites here that are snuggled in the large park where is a lot of trees, grass lawns along with the old-fashioned city of Carpentaria that you’ll find there some space from the throughway. As a result, these all have made it one of the busiest camping regions in California without any surprise.


Gaviota State Beach

Before the highway cuts domestic south of Point Conception, it’s the last stop and its location is 33 miles west of Santa Barbara. To most of the people, it’s the place where begins of the calm coast of Southern California that’s giving means to the additional rocky Central Coast, and Gaviota divides fundamentals of both twos for camping in Santa Barbara. This still gets protected by Point Conception despite its thrashing and strong winds. So, if you want to enjoy a railroad trestle, sandy cove, and boat launch, you can get it from the beach as these are its own characteristics along with hiking objectives for campers and day-trippers.

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